Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Does Blogging it make it real?

He looks really familiar, right!? If you've read this whole blog than you know that  handsome man is John-the man I was dating when I started this blog, the man who left me, went and got engaged-breaking my heart, and the very same man that without even knowing it gave me the time and strength to become the women I am today, the man that has been my best friends with for the last 8 years, and the same brilliant man who finally pulled his head out of his ass and declared his love for me.....smarty:)

He's been back in my life for awhile now, but I just didn't feel like blogging about him. It's like once it hits the blog it's real. Weird that I feel that way, being that it's actually the other way around-but whatever.

John and I put our relationship in God's hands along time ago. We followed the rule "Let's not do any damage to it, just in case" and we didn't. Even when I was out there dating, I was careful, and gentle with him. We knew that if we were supposed to be together that we would be, and now we are.

Dear God,
May you always be in the center of our love. Please help us to always be kind, patient, and loving to each other.
I love you,

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  1. I love you both & am so happy that God has finally brought you together - it was truly meant to be - to a long, happy, loving life together - I pray this daily - hugs to you both....and both boys!