Thursday, October 25, 2012

LA Bound

For some reason last night I was very conflicted....was I going to LA because of my ego? Were my intentions not pure? Why did it seem that the trip was being blocked if it was Gods will for me to go?

It took awhile, but I finally let go and let God. I am going to LA. I am going because I believe it will help the documentary, I believe it is important-not only to get the word out...but also to show that all of the beautiful women in the documentary are safe, sound and still sober today. To show that sobriety works-if you work it, and that it is 100% worth every ounce of pain it takes to get sober. I believe if they asked any 4 of us "Was it worth it" the answer would be an unanimous "yes." I am going because I am a part of something very special-and I want to be there.

I text my friend that is going with me that we were on a shoe string budget...she txt back ..."Who needs to eat?... lol" Now that's a good friend. I may be broke-but I am so flipping blessed.

Off to LA we go.....................................

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