Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help Emily get to LA

As many of you know a few years back I shot a documentary called "Lipstick and Liquor" Well, that very same documentary has been chosen to be in the "Reel Recovery Film Festival" Which is a HUGE deal, and if I have my way will start to lift the stereotype of the "alcoholic women" We are not bad Moms, nor bad people...we are sick with a fatal disease - the second we take the courageous step into sobriety we are then sick-getting better. There are thousands of women that won't reach out, that won't ask for help because of the judgment attached to  the word alcoholic...well here's the deal it's a disease, you wouldn't judge someone for having cancer-now would you?

Okay, off my soap box and to the point. So far the screenings have been too many miles away for me to attend...but there's one next week in LA...that's only 6 little hours away from Phoenix...I can go! Well, with  little help from my friends. I am gladly accepting donations to help pay for this trip-just click the donate button (it works now) any amount will help! (Thank you ahead of time :)

One more thing - if you live in LA and would like to attend the documentary please let me know. How cool would that be!!!!

(Also I promise to let 'ya all know when it is available to watch on-line :)

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