Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sobriety Sunday

It is Sunday, and I am sober. By the Grace of God, I am sober. Grateful, and sober, and happy, and content. Now lets talk about how I got that way.....

I made a decision that my was unacceptable to me, and that drinking was the reason. Then I prayed, then worked my ass of. What I have been blessed with takes hard work, but it there for everyone who wants it.                                   It is, I promise.

So if you are sick of the way you are living, If alcohol or drugs are controlling your life, If you can see no out, and have very little hope left....please know that you are not alone, I felt that way once-but not anymore. You can change it all around. You can have a better life. But that change starts with you.

How long have you been thinking that you need to do something about your drinking?


  1. Thanks for the post. I really needed to hear it today. I had a terrible night last night. I was hosting a party and ended up black out drunk for 4 or 5 hours. I did some horrible things and didn't remember it of course. I feel so ashamed today and down on myself. I would like to try to quit drinking. The problem is that my husband is an alcoholic so there is tons of booze in our house. I am NOT a daily drinker but don't want to continue this lifestyle waking. Up feeling hungover, sick, and guilty. What do I do with all this booze being in the house? I have asked my husband if he could stop drinking with me only if it were for a short timeperiod like a month but he refuses. He is also in denial about MY drinking and doesn't think it is a problem. Any advice from you or anyone else would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  2. Go to an AA meeting & keep going get a sponser & do the twelve step program of recovery & you will get sober regardless of your husband just like I did & thousands of people are doing every day of the week. Best of luck :)x