Monday, September 24, 2012

A weekend in review...

It was a long weekend...this may sound weird, but I am happy that it is Monday. The house is quiet-as the little noise makers are off at school. I'm going to work from home today-I am so grateful to have that flex ability.

As for my was emotional. In fact I had a bit of a break down. I took Gavin and some friends to our local high school football game. And what should have been fun-was not. That high school is the very same one that my oldest got his jaw broken at last year. Just being there brought back sadness, and a bit of anger. Beau wants to go back to that school after winter break to graduate. Which I will back up 100% - after checking to make sure it doesn't traumatize him.

On top of that I had a HUGE pity party over still being a single Mom. I had just had it-my insides felt like broken glass-its been a long time since I have felt that way.

Gavin had a baseball game up north the next day and just the though of going alone made me want to crumble. I snapped...on John...who is presently playing the part of stand in guy (I guess) I could write a book on our relationship-but how about I don't. He ended up going with me, as he is not a big fan of hearing me be a huge mess.

It did get better after that. Gavin pitched a shut out inning. I am so glad I went, missing that would have stunk.

Oh' and weight watchers is going great. I'm down 9 pounds:)

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