Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coping Skills

I shared at a meeting this morning and my focus kept on coming back to coping skills. So I guess today I will stay with that topic and chat a bit about coping skills....

I flipping had none-nada-zero......When you come from a family that drinks (I won't call my family an alcoholic family as my Mom will kick my ass, but you get my point.) coping skills are not taught. When the adults in a family drink to cope with THEIR stress it is nearly impossible for them to pass down healthy coping skills to their children. They have a program for just that reason called Adult children of alcoholics.

Coping skills are one of biggest blessings that the program has given me. I have solutions and skills to cope with whatever life puts in front of me. On top of that being a healthy adult with coping skills I have the ability and knowledge to teach my children coping skills.

In this day in age most people are lacking the ability to handle life on lives is so much quicker to pick up a drink or a the fact of the matter is they should have coping skill taught in every school in America to help stop the next generation from the train wreck they are headed towards. But they have no such class. Kids are dying at an alarming rate, and all we can worry about is the fucking budget. Gross really.

Anyway, I feel blessed today-Blessed that I have skills, blessed that I have a sober and sound mind, blessed that I have a place to go where I am loved and embraced. Just all around blessed for the life that sobriety has given me.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A weekend in review...

It was a long weekend...this may sound weird, but I am happy that it is Monday. The house is quiet-as the little noise makers are off at school. I'm going to work from home today-I am so grateful to have that flex ability.

As for my was emotional. In fact I had a bit of a break down. I took Gavin and some friends to our local high school football game. And what should have been fun-was not. That high school is the very same one that my oldest got his jaw broken at last year. Just being there brought back sadness, and a bit of anger. Beau wants to go back to that school after winter break to graduate. Which I will back up 100% - after checking to make sure it doesn't traumatize him.

On top of that I had a HUGE pity party over still being a single Mom. I had just had it-my insides felt like broken glass-its been a long time since I have felt that way.

Gavin had a baseball game up north the next day and just the though of going alone made me want to crumble. I snapped...on John...who is presently playing the part of stand in guy (I guess) I could write a book on our relationship-but how about I don't. He ended up going with me, as he is not a big fan of hearing me be a huge mess.

It did get better after that. Gavin pitched a shut out inning. I am so glad I went, missing that would have stunk.

Oh' and weight watchers is going great. I'm down 9 pounds:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sobriety Sunday

It is Sunday, and I am sober. By the Grace of God, I am sober. Grateful, and sober, and happy, and content. Now lets talk about how I got that way.....

I made a decision that my was unacceptable to me, and that drinking was the reason. Then I prayed, then worked my ass of. What I have been blessed with takes hard work, but it there for everyone who wants it.                                   It is, I promise.

So if you are sick of the way you are living, If alcohol or drugs are controlling your life, If you can see no out, and have very little hope left....please know that you are not alone, I felt that way once-but not anymore. You can change it all around. You can have a better life. But that change starts with you.

How long have you been thinking that you need to do something about your drinking?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have an amazing God, the perfect job, two beautiful healthy children, a new car, great friends and solid sobriety...I could go on and on about my blessings and how grateful I am for them.

With that being said, I am also a bit lonely. I have been single for a very long time, in fact most of my sobriety. As you have read I have been on a few dates over the years, but I have yet to find that special one. Being alone is getting old. I am glad that I have learned to live alone, to take care of me, and that I can support myself without a man. But still-I'm lonely.

They say that you meet the special one when you stop looking. But I give that a big huge WHATEVER! lol