Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Attempt

I have attempted to update the blog easily 25 times in the last week...I log on-get kicked off-I write a post-it disappears-so on and so on...ANNOYING!

So here I go, giving it another shot....

 I had surgery on my hand this week. They put me all the way out, which was a bit scary. But it all went well. It hurts a little bit, but not enough to bull shit my way into a pain killers prescription:) I warned the doctor that I was an alcoholic/addict and not to write me one. As silly as it seems I was actually pretty proud of myself for that.

Besides that-life has been going pretty great. The boys are back in school, and it has been quite on the home front. And if you were wondering...the teenager was well behaved while I was out of town (thank you for your prayers)

I am going to go ahead and post this now before it major mailfunctions:)

I miss you all, and promise to post more often!


  1. OUCH!! I am so proud of you! I had to give my old pain pills away this spring....dang addictive personality keeps popping up....

    Miss you too!


  2. HEY!!! Its dawn, gracealwayswaits . . I guess I took an academic haitus there for, ummm, a good solid year, school IS FINALLY OVER, and I have started up a new blog. Join me!! I have so much to catch up here I see.
    LOVE your blog header - awesome. Carpal tunnel with the ol hand? Hope your recovery is smoooooooooooooooth!

  3. Emily,
    I have been following your blog and noticed you keep asking where is everyone, no one is commenting? I felt compelled to leave this, I am here reading, you are inspiring and needed, especially when my meetings are "leave the rest", so I need to change and seek safe and sober people.

  4. Hey Em! So glad you are recoverying now and back to work :) I too will start commenting more on here....might even surprise you and do a guest post sometime :) Miss you like crazy and may just need to roadtrip your way sometime this Fall. Got my 1st sobriety job - I am now a Walgreens Associate working in the cosmetics and photo depts....I start training Monday morning and I am so grateful and sooooo excited!!!!! Celebrating 9 months (with God's Grace) next Thursday - WOOHOO!!!! xoxo Annette

  5. Hi Emily, I haven't checked in on your blog in a while & when I do I read about me. I love being sober its the only way of living for me. I still fall back into the old ways of thinking from time to time & sometimes FEAR (of) becomes so big that it can feel like a knot in ones gut & the answer is live in the solution,clean house,trust God & help others. Gratitude has to be up high on the list, I learnt that when all else fails to try Gratitude & to even be grateful for the problems I have to day. Step 3 gets me every time God is everything or He is nothing, He is or He isn't & He knows best so I have to yield & give way love you Em XX

  6. awwww....I just saw all these...thanks guys....xoxoxo

  7. Hi there! I just saw your picture of the cast. Good for you about the pain pills.
    I had surgery on my foot over a year ago. Granted I was still using at the time, so there was no question of whether or not I would fudge about the pills, but for some reason all they left me with was pain and a lovely barf pan by the side of the couch. Serves me right.
    Also re: the anesthesia.. You're right, it is scary!!! I even turned to my anesthesiologist and said, "I'm scared!" And he jocularly replied, "Oh don't worry sweetheart, we'll be giving you the Michael Jackson drug. You won't feel a thing!"
    Can you imagine????
    Anyway happy healing!