Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Reason Why

The e-mail below and ones like it are the reason I keep blogging. If I can help one person get one step closer to sobriety than I am as blessed as they are.  Thank you Emily, and great job on your sobriety!!

Hi Emily! (I'm Emily also!)
I just wanted to let you know I love
Your blog and website. I relate to practically everything you have to say!
I am about 20 months sober now. I remember in the Spring or Summer before I got sober I saw you on Dr. Phil and emailed you. At that point I knew I needed to change something, but of
course didn't understand that I was an alcoholic. I finally took the steps towards sobriety, through rehab and then after (and now of course still) AA. It has given me such an amazing life so far.
I remember reading your blog, before I got sober, and not thinking sobriety was possible. Thank you for all of your inspiring words!

- Emily


  1. I never knew you were on Dr. Phil but I totally agree with Emily.

  2. Like! Like! Like!

    It was your interview in People that connected me to you. I am grateful!!

  3. Yep! You and mommaof3 got me off an running towards a sober life....also via People mag....we've come a long way baby! So glad God brought you into my life - you helped to save me and I am forever grateful! Love you E & J!!!!