Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sobriety Sunday

 I was talking to a friend yesterday about the underline uncomfortableness (not sure if that's even a word, but you get my drift) that sober people live with. I didn't even know I had it until I got really sick last winter and took cough syrup...holy crap, within seconds I felt the escape from that uncomfortable feeling. To say the least I threw the cough syrup out, before I drank the whole bottle...some can take it-I can not. If you've read this whole blog you know I almost lost my sobriety over a painkiller (there's another one, some can-I can not) Not only do mind altering substances disconnect me from the God that keeps me sober, but they sort of put me on this pity party frame of mind "why should I have to live with every fucking feeling, why can't I have an out, POOR ME!"

So... I don't drink cough syrup, take painkillers, or drink non-alcoholic beer. I don't eat things cooked in alcohol, use mouth was with booze in it, or drink fake I said "Some can-I can not"


  1. Is "discomfort" the word you were looking for? Big hug.

  2. I live exactly the same way about food with alcohol/cough syrup/mouthwash/painkillers. When I was bit by the pitbull last December, I discovered there are non-narcotic strands of painkillers that helped immensely but didn't make me feel like my mind was altered. Regardless, I still handed them over to my husband and only got them when I needed them. I don't trust myself!!

  3. The other day I had a friend go through an MRI without valium when she usually would request it. You and she and Jenny Clausen are bigger men than I (well, you get the idea). I am not sure I am there yet.

    Probably should be, since I was one who would drink vanilla extract when necessity demanded.

    Some can drink straight vanilla extract, some cannot. Go figure ;)