Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Privileged Problems

On my home from work today I had a huge sense of anxiety...When I looked at the root of it-it was all coming from financial fear...yuck!

I am going out of town this Friday (on a girls weekend-fun right!?)  and I'm tight on money because I had a $300.00 surprise expense last month. Sucks, but what I should be is grateful that I had the money to cover the emergency. But instead of staying in gratitude I actually was upset that I couldn't afford to get my nails done before I left-ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME! What an over privileged brat I have become. There was a time in sobriety were we were eating out of food boxes and I couldn't pay our rent.... and I have anxiety over finger nails??? OMG.

It may be time to reel myself back in.

Anyway enough of that...I am soooo excited to head out of town....It is like a million degrees here, and it's been a long time since I've had a break. Now with that being said if everyone could pray that my teenager behaves that would be great. If you've read this blog from the beginning you know that the only time he's ever been in BIG trouble are the two times I've been out of town-BRAT!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I just got an email informing me that I had been chosen as one of the top 10 blogs on alcholism. What a neat honor!

Check out the other blogs that were picked! They are some of my favorites!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Reason Why

The e-mail below and ones like it are the reason I keep blogging. If I can help one person get one step closer to sobriety than I am as blessed as they are.  Thank you Emily, and great job on your sobriety!!

Hi Emily! (I'm Emily also!)
I just wanted to let you know I love
Your blog and website. I relate to practically everything you have to say!
I am about 20 months sober now. I remember in the Spring or Summer before I got sober I saw you on Dr. Phil and emailed you. At that point I knew I needed to change something, but of
course didn't understand that I was an alcoholic. I finally took the steps towards sobriety, through rehab and then after (and now of course still) AA. It has given me such an amazing life so far.
I remember reading your blog, before I got sober, and not thinking sobriety was possible. Thank you for all of your inspiring words!

- Emily

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sobriety Sunday

 I was talking to a friend yesterday about the underline uncomfortableness (not sure if that's even a word, but you get my drift) that sober people live with. I didn't even know I had it until I got really sick last winter and took cough syrup...holy crap, within seconds I felt the escape from that uncomfortable feeling. To say the least I threw the cough syrup out, before I drank the whole bottle...some can take it-I can not. If you've read this whole blog you know I almost lost my sobriety over a painkiller (there's another one, some can-I can not) Not only do mind altering substances disconnect me from the God that keeps me sober, but they sort of put me on this pity party frame of mind "why should I have to live with every fucking feeling, why can't I have an out, POOR ME!"

So... I don't drink cough syrup, take painkillers, or drink non-alcoholic beer. I don't eat things cooked in alcohol, use mouth was with booze in it, or drink fake champagne...like I said "Some can-I can not"