Monday, June 11, 2012

Why test your teen?

Are you wondering if your teen is using, but they keep on denying it? Does every parental instinct you have say something is going on? Yet, you can't prove it. Or maybe you just plan out know their using drugs, and need that hard proof to be able and take the next step...getting them help.

Raising a teenager is tough. I know, I have one. You dream of this perfect child, blown to shit. That perfect scholar, the athlete you always dreamed of...that "normal" kid you wanted...You may ask yourself..what the hell happened?? The last thing in the entire world we want for our kids is for them to walk the same painful path we did, But what do you do? I thought informing kids about drugs, and the disease of addiction and alcoholism would stopped them from experimenting, but in many cases it doesn't. One theory blown...but do you give up? No, you do not. They need you to stay in the game, to guide them, to love them even when they are disappointing you.

I drug test my kids. Why? Because I believe that you have a short window to teach children to deal with their feelings and emotions, before they turn to drugs, if we know where our children are in that process it helps us to help is not always easy to know...sometimes I would like to be in a bubble about it all, but that isn't what being a parent is all about...STAY IN THE GAME...

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