Monday, June 18, 2012


They say if you're not working on your recovery that you're working on a relapse. Scary right!? How many of us actually do everything we're supposed to do in recovery? Not I-that's for sure.

It use to be that no matter what I was doing I got on here and talked about my feelings, and where I was in my recovery process. I did it to help myself, but I also did it to help you. To help the people that were at home, lonely, and scared, and confused. This disease traps you in thinking you are alone, and I wanted to be a small part in kicking that process in the ass. I never want anyone to feel completely alone in this disease, because you aren't. Not only are not alone, but you are understood, and loved.

Where am I today? Content. Amazed daily at the miracles that have happened in my life. It true what they say "Don't give up before the miracle." Had I given up I never would have know that God was going to answer all of my prayers. That life was going to become this amazing, beautiful thing that I am proud of. If you are just starting this process, or restarting for the 2, or 3rd, or 10th time my advice to you is to release yourself from judgement. It is to start anew. To let go of everything you think you know, so that you mind and heart are clear to learn everything new. You can do this...I promise. If you have any questions, if you need any help email You are not alone. And I get that mind set -I don't want to bother her, she's to busy- that's crap, that kind of thinking is what keeps you from reaching out for help. Helping you is what keeps me sober. If you need some help-ask for it!

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