Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dry Drunk

What is a dry drunk?, just kidding. It is when your behavior sober is the same as your behavior drunk.

I am on one right now. I am angry, angry, angry at my teenager. He is on  my last nerve. Instead of staying calm and spiritual, I am screaming my head off and calling him names...It seems that he cares not one bit about his life. I'm putting more time into his life than I am into my own, and it shows...I am a mess.

I am going to step my program up a notch, and I am thinking some alnon may be in the cards...


  1. Nothing can test being spiritually fit like a teenager in the house huh? HA I have an 18 year old in my house and she is on that "I am an adult!" but also "I dont know how, help me!" I hate teenagers. Period. HAHA Hang in there...step up the program and remember sobriety comes first or you won't have the relationship with the teenager to even worry about. :)

  2. Alanon rocks! Double winners in my home group say that AA saved their lives; Alanon saved their soul. Good luck and God bless.