Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 I so badly want to feel the drive to write, to tell you all about what's going on in my life...but I just don't have it, I haven't in awhile.

Maybe because life is sort of boring these, work, baseball, kids, work, baseball. Oh, and the thing that allows me to keep all of that, my sobriety.

It is so very quiet on here, I sometimes wonder if anyone even reads this blog anymore?


  1. I read it. XOXO - your sister

  2. I read your blog too.I'm a single mom with two teenage kids and I've been trying to get sober for a year now. No-one in my life knows about my struggle with alcohol so its a blessing to be able to check in here for inspiration and encouragement. So Thank You Emily!!

  3. I read! I wish your blog posts were on Facebook. I never forget to check in there. ;)

    You have been such an encouragement for me. I truly appreciate your honesty and sharing.


    (I am only posting as anonymous because I don't want to deal with the hassles of signing up for an account)

  4. Sorry you think this is not getting to people. If one person needs you and you reach them, you have done the next right thing, and you definitely are. Keep up the blog. I was wondering why I was getting less and less FB stuff from you. Sounds like you are in a rut. Sometimes you gotta change things out. Good luck.