Friday, April 13, 2012

So, I signed up for I made two mistakes, well one "name" is emilyism, and I said I had a blog, without thinking, AT ALL that someone would google emilyism and find my blog. Should I have protected myself a little bit better?? YES, do I find it creepy that someone googled me...YUP! I guess because I keep myself so uninvested in the people I chit-chat with on match, that until there is a need to, I would never think of googling them. Actually I don't have the time to be googling people.

It isn't the first time some guy I'm thinking about dating has read my blog, but here's the deal...I don't like it. It's like reading the cliff notes to my life. Why even bother meeting me if you already THINK you know all about me, Anyway, sorry to vent, it just really annoyed me.

So, if you're a dude that would like to take me on a date GET OFF MY BLOG.  xo, em


  1. I would not like it either. In fact, I did not like it when it happened to me. I (was) on Match...years ago, and the guy did a background check on me! I found it very intrusive. What was funny was that he could not find anything since I had used a different last name. HA!


  2. And if your son was on wouldn't you want him to do some research on the girl he was going to meet? I would. Too many "Abby Normals" out there these days...

    Further, I'd do the same if I were signed up on it (think about this: if I didn't do the research first and I was later a "murder mystery" on "Dateline" or "48 Hours", don't you think a lot of folks would be thinking how stupid I was?). I would be stupid not to do any background check. Unfortunately, it's today's reality.

    Cut the guy some slack. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders.

  3. All I can say is best of luck! I actually met my Husband on this July we celebrate 10yrs together :)