Sunday, March 4, 2012

Telling on Myself

I worked 16 hours straight yesterday without eating, or drinking a glass of water, I haven't been to a meeting in Gods knows how long, I am sick, and thought about how great it would feel to drink cough syrup, I've thought about smoking about 100 times in the last few weeks, I am neglecting my kids because of work, my house is a disaster, and I am turning into a complete bitch...there now you know.


  1. blimey. i suppose you know what you need to do , given you have identified where its all gone haywire, but actually doing it is another thing. hope you see your way through this without slipping. hugs.

  2. Please ask yourself 'What is the most important thing in my life' if the answer is sobriety then THINGS MUST CHANGE or you could find yourself DRUNK when we get TO0 BUSY TOO TIRED TOO WRAPPED UP IN OTHER THINGS next thing you know we re TOO DRUNK to go to a meeting or do the simple (not easy) things we HAVE TO DO. The solution for the alcoholic is a spiritual awakening as the RESULT of the Twelve Steps please try the easier softer way as outlined in the program,you are in my prayers.