Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Roll

Please check in and say "Hi" I miss you guys. I would also love topic ideas!!


  1. hi! i read your blog in google reader and being lazy i forget to click over to post a comment. i'm being feeble about writing my own blog at the moment, due to depression and stuff having knocked the stuffing out of me so i am commenting less on everyone. keep writing though - we are here!

  2. Hi, Emily --

    I am still here, and like others, I don't comment much. That's mostly because I am in daily e-mail contact with two women I met through your blog -- Annette and Gloria. They have been tremendously helpful in my work toward sobriety, and although I am doing better than I was in 2009 when I first read about you in People magazine, I am not quite where I want to be yet. Progress, not perfection.

    I have learned so much through your blog and one other I found. It just never ceases to amaze me as to how many of us moms (or women, not necessarily moms) have secret alcohol problems. I am convinced that the available statistics just do not capture the extent of the problem accurately.

    I do have some topic ideas: first, I think it's helpful to repeat some things (so I don't think you have to come up with new ideas every day or every week. Maybe one day a week can be a repeat of an earlier blog from 2009 or 2010?).

    This vicious disease lies and tries to make you forget. So how do you fight back the "I wasn't that bad" thought after some time in sobriety? I haven't reached bottom, I just have known for a few years now that I've been drinking too much wine in the evenings after coming home from work, especially when cooking dinner. But I don't want to reach bottom.

    Another topic which scared me to death when I first heard of it: how does this disease continue to progress even when you are sober? Why are relapses often worse than when the person stopped drinking months or years earlier?

    Another topic: Emily, you make this look so easy. I have been following your blog since late 2009 when People magazine did an article on you. But to me, it seems to be a daily struggle. When does it get easy?

    I've probably given you enough topic ideas for now. :)

    I am grateful you were brave enough to put your name and face forward in People magazine -- there seems to be so much shame and secrecy associated with this disease. I hear it described as "powerful, baffling, and cunning" and I agree with that. What tools do you use to fight such a beast?

    Thanks, Emily --


  3. I've stopped reading as often because there are so few postings and even fewer replies when one is requested (like above).

    Just my two cents worth --

  4. hi emily.I'm still using so havnt been talking to any one. It's nice to come back after all this time and see names i know like Montana and Annette.I think i talked to Annette on my gmail before.any way after 4 IOP classes i think it's time i look into inpatient.This is what i have been doing today.what sucks is when i first told my husband this morning that this is something i think i need the first thing out of his mouth was"what about me?"i told him he would be fine.i just hope when i get out of treatment i have enough tools because i know that there will be a bottle of gin on the counter and pills in the safe,wich isnt so safe when you forget to lock now i'm dealing with two devils,the booze and now didnt take long to get addicted to i have mixed feelings about going.excited and scared. I'm going to my first meeting in a long time tonight and am looking forward to seeing faces that i know and all the hugs that i'm going to get.i dont know how to have my name come up when i post so let me tell you all,I'm sue b. alcholic and now addict.check back in soon and glad your still here.bye for now.

  5. I'm still here everyone! I've been pretty busy since my bunionectomy back in late January - it's REALLY slowed me down, so it takes me 3 times as long to do my normal stuff and I have 7 to 8 weeks more recovery before I'm allegedly back to normal....trying to be patient and do as the doctor says :)

    Em, I think you should post some of your journal writings from like your 1st year of sobriety and then comment on what your feelings are now - I think that would be a great way to start different topics and get the comment/conversations back going on here....give it a try - couldn't hurt :) I also like Montana's suggestions for topics.

    xoxo - Annette