Friday, January 6, 2012

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy!

Beau turned 17. Which was really emotional to me for some reason. I cried really hard that day. I called my Mom and asked her if she got emotional on our Birthdays and she said "NO, I'm just grateful you're still alive." What a horrible way for a Mom to have to feel. I quickly said I was sorry, and then counted my blessings. Beau is far from perfect, but he is an ANGEL compared to me at his age. My baby turning 17, it was a lot to stomach. It's like I have this longing for the little boy he was-It reminds me of the saying..."Having children is making the decision to have your heart walk around outside your body" It really is.

 I also got a promotion. Go me-right!? I now have my DREAM JOB. I manage the catering for baseball teams (remember, I live in AZ. where springing training happens!) It is amazing! You know when people say if I planned my life I would have shorted myself compared to the life God has given me-it is so true in my case.  2 year ago I prayed for a job. I had no clue how that was going to happen, but I can say I trusted God 100% that it would happen....and it did, and I am grateful.

Besides that life is pretty new boyfriends, nothing really exciting to report. I am working my program over time right now, because when people say that whatever you put before your sobriety you will lose, I believe them!


  1. emily that is great!! Happy Birthday Beau!!!

  2. Sending along happy birthday wishes as well. Congratulations on the job promotion, and way to go on the "journey". take care *poet*

  3. Miss you already!!! So, so proud of you Em! You def earned that promotion :) I get it about Beau turning 17...I've been getting teary eyed lately when I just look at Thomas from across the tall he's gotten, his new "manly" features i.e., jaw squaring up, facial hair, etc....seems like it was just yesterday that I was teaching him how to hold a plastic bat in the backyard or bouncing him on my knee - where did the time go? But they all must grow up I guess. Love to you girl...Always!


  4. Congratulations to your promotion!