Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where is God in that?

I just got back from my Thursday night Women's meeting. As always I heard exactly what I needed to...
Where is God in that?

Before I left for my meeting I was in a total  text war with my was-been. It was gross. I acted like I did in my drinking days-mean...really, really, mean. It doesn't matter what he did, or what he said to upset me-not at all...what matters is that I still give him the power to upset me. I have done so much work, I have come so resort to old drinking behavior is really, really upsetting. Had I stopped for even one second and asked myself  "Where is God in this?" I could have saved myself from the shame, guilt, and remorse I am feeling right now for behaving like a meanie.

Dear Lord,
Please help me pause, and ask for you for guidance when I am angry, hurt or scared.  I love you, Emily

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  1. OH, I KNOW!!!!! It is so hard when someone pushes the buttons you have tried to cool off. When you figure it out let me know, lol! All I can say is we are not perfect so we can sometimes act less than perfect, and that is ok. You noticed it; so that is progress right?