Friday, December 16, 2011

We all have it, how do we deal with it?

Hi Everyone its Doggielover aka Chris, Guest posting for Emily, Hope your all well, I need your input!!!

We all have it, we all know it, and we know in some cases it is our diseases strongest ally.

I am living in the fear right now and I hate it, I can’t stop the fear in my mind trying to take over, trying to lead me to my old friend, alcohol.  If led back down this road what will happen to me?  What will I become?   How will I make a life that I truly desire and know I am capable of having?   I need to stop, I need to remember I am in control and I need to suck it up and say I need help!!!!


I have so much gratitude for all I have right now.  I have a place to live; I have people who love me.  I do have faith, but maybe that is where I am lacking, am I not giving it over to my HP?  I am the person who will do the legwork, but I am now living in the fear of not being able to reinvent myself in a new place again.  I need to market myself because my work isn’t marketing me like they should.  I am a new novelty to them and I know I have to take the reigns, but I also have to push hard against people that think it will just happen.  Guess what, it doesn’t!!!  I am on the computer researching, and I am picking my marketing friends brains. I will do the work, but I need to get out of this fear.  I have a big meeting on Monday and I need to come across strong, positive and worth paying for.  Maybe that is it, I am not feeling my own self worth.  I know a lot of women in my program (AA) that feel that way.

I need help; I am sitting in my fear.  What do you do when you sit in your fear and need to rise above it?  When drinking is not an option?


  1. I would love to hear what you all have to say, I really am living in it. I think I have tried to be so strong for so long and I have hit a wall!!

    Lots of love to everyone!!

  2. awe -- one of my biggest character defects! i try to tell myself that when i hold onto fear, i block out God. sending luck and love..nicole

  3. Thank you for guest blogging. It's going to taek a team to keep this blog going-thanks for being a part of it. You are a wonderful writer.

    As for fear...Don't flinch sweetie-God has it covered, I promise. Trust in the fact that you are doing your best (YOU ARE-I HAVE BEEN WATCHING!) Yes, you have to take 'some' action, but the truth is only a little bit. God's will isn't shoved into place-it falls into place. As for your meeting-mentally grab God's hand before you walk in the room, put a smile on your face, and know that he's in charge and totally has your back. xo, em

  4. when I do all I can I then Let Go & Let God the results are His not mine if its meant for you it wont PASS you. When I look back & see my plans & then see the way God s plan took over I go WOW this is so much better than anything I could have planed & guess what the BEST is yet to come I am so grateful to my God for everything in my life I need God with me every step of the way & He does a great job when I let Him. Working the 12 steps daily in every area of my life helps me stay close to Him.