Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

Happy Sunday Everyone! I have no clue what to blog about, but as it normally does as I type something will pop in my head....FAITH.

That is what popped in my head.Let's talk about faith. I think before we can have faith we need to start with hope-Faith is really just hope with a track record. When you go sober you HOPE things will get better-I mean you REALLY hope. If you have a support system you see that people around you are getting better, they are laughing, and are happy and most of them are feeling a whole shit load better than you are-so just the small act of looking around the room can give you hope. Then as time goes on you will eventually find yourself laughing and giggling and feeling comfortable in your own skin-which is something you just hoped for in the beginning.

I now know that everything works out just the way it's supposed to-I have faith today, and that faith started with a tiny speck of hope.  

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  1. Faith and hope, I somehow found them, and I am truly living a better life because of it!!!

    Emily, your site gave me Hope!! I love you and everyone here!!!