Friday, December 23, 2011

The Hoilday Spirit

I have it, I have it....:the holiday spirit!! I was scared I was just going to walk through Christmas with a humbug attitude. It made me sad, due to the fact that I once LOVED everything about the Christmas season. Then I thought about it, and decided to give myself a big fat break. I have had a tough few years and it is okay that I'm not as joyous as I once was. I may not be as joyous, but good God I am grateful. Each one of those hard year (at least the ones in sobriety) have gotten a little bit better. Not in the over night way that I expected, but slowly and surely my life life has gotten better each year.

I am so glad I hung on-so stinking glad!


  1. Hahaa wonderful!

    I too was worried that I wouldn't feel any Christmas spirit, but today (after being out shopping for Christmas gifts) it happened.

    For now, I actually feel happy :)

    Merry Christmas to you, take care!

  2. Im glad you have it too! I made it thru a tough situation yesterday, sober!! Praise the Lord!

  3. Em, so glad you caught the Xmas spirit...I wasn't feeling it either, but started & finished my shopping tonite and am really starting to feel it. Went bare minimum on the gifts this xmas...the gift to all of us was that I got out of rehab BEFORE xmas - woohoo! It was one of the best decisions of my life and I learned a lot & saw a lot - seeing the major consequences of the progression of this disease on the bodies of other patients was very eye opening and sad. I learned so much about the disease itself and had some awesome counseling and chaplain counselling while I was there. They were able to get me to reach further down into myself than anyone has before and it was hard, but in the long run is a good thing. I went back to my homegroup today - just got home yesterday around noon from rehab - got a sponsor today...she got sober when she was 19 yrs old and has been sober a little over 30 yrs now...I've known her for about 1 yr now and I think she's gonna be an amazing lady to work with. My plans are to hit 1 mtg a day for a long far so good...hit a meeting last nite and my noon homegroup mtg today...goin to a beginners mtg tomorrow with my sponsor and a counselor from the rehab I was in - what a small world! I hope everyone has a very, very Merry Christmas and love to you all!

    Hugs - Annette

  4. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Have a great Christmas Everyone. I'm not in the spirit, but I love to hear and see everyone's Christmas photos.

    This is a Christmas of some really hard firsts.
    1st Christmas without my mother. Last year we were all together.
    1st Christmas without my husband. It is just so weird. i'll get through it, but this year I kind of want to have it go away.

    Staying sober is what will make me strong, I have to remember that!!

    Annette, glad your back, I am sure you will have so much to share with us!!