Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This to Shall Pass

I am feeling a little bit better today, more content. One of the greatest gifts I have learned in sobriety is that everything, and I mean everything will pass in time. Makes it so much easier to sit through the uncomfortable moments when you have faith that they will pass.

If you at an uncomfortable place I promise it will pass. Pray, stay sober, and have faith in the process.


  1. I am a mess today, but I am trying, thank you Emily!!

  2. I am less a mess today, but was super busy getting things organized and ready for the boys while I'm gone...the only anxiety I have still at this moment is sitting the boys down tonite to explain things to them...I am trying to be strong and keep myself composed so to not upset them more than they are already gonna be upset...I just need to stress to them that this is a GOOD thing for me and for all of us...I'm more at peace with walking into rehab tomorrow...I know it's what I need and I'm ready and grateful.

    Doggielover - I hope you day gets better sweetie...well, I guess your evening at this point....but this too shall pass...just like Em said :) Love to you all and I'm off to rehab tomorrow...hopefully I'll still be able to post occasionally...keep me in your prayers please...I'm gonna need it :)


  3. This too shall pass is one of my mantras. I'm glad you are feeling better today, emily. and doggielover, i hope that by now you are feeling a little better as well. early in my recovery (the first year) i was a basket case nearly every day. looking back i wondered how i ever survived. i guess perseverance and the strong support helped me. good for you for keeping strong and writing about your journeys. and all the best for your rehab, annette. I will be thinking of you all. take care and *gentle hugs*