Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Power of Prayer

This weekend I worked for my friend Kathleen doing concession (which I hate) or at least I thought I did...keep on reading...

The first day I worked with her I sucked I make a ton of mistakes on the cash register, got the prices all wrong, and by the end of the day people were totally annoying me. I promised her I would help her through the weekend, and even though I wasn't looking forward to it my word these days is something I take very seriously.

So the next day I decided that it would probably be in my best interest to hit my knees and ask God for help, to get through the day without telling someone off at the very least. So I did....

Oh' the power of prayer...it's amazing! I had a great day. I only made like 1 screw up on the register, nailed the prices, and though people still annoyed me it was only a little bit. In the middle of the day I thought to myself "I don't hate concession at all I'm having a great time! Mmmmm...I wonder if it had anything thing to do with the fact I prayed this morning?" Then I swear I heard God say "NO DUH!." Hehehehe my God is so funny!

So I guess my point or lesson or whatever is God is up there willing and able to help us with anything and everything we need-all we have to do is ask.


  1. your right, it does work. I still am amazed sometimes how when I ask for help from my HP I receive it. I'm going to be praying hard today and hopefully you all can think of me today to. I have to go back to Boston and go to some dr appts. the next 2 days. I have to leave the dogs with my ex because I really can't afford to board them right now. I just need the strength to not get sucked back into to that nightmare and negative space. I'm praying!! I'm staying with a friend so I will just see him today and Saturday but I still think it will be hard for me to pull into the driveway and pull away. It is no longer my home.

    Hope you all have a good day!

  2. Love and prayers and hugs being sent! xoxo, em