Friday, October 7, 2011


Yes, there is two versions of the same story on here. I've been trying
to post for days and couldn't. So I ended up writing it twice. I think
it was good for me actually.

For an update: Beau is unwired, but still on soft foods only. And
Gavin is in North Carolina with his bestie Jake for fall break. I'm
glad he's there enjoying himself. Hopefully thing will have calmed
down a bit by the time he gets back.

As for me I'm okay, a little needy, but okay. I actually cuddle called
a friend the other night (like a booty call, cept just cuddling)
sometimes one just needs human contact.

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  1. Glad your boys are doing well!!! i know what you mean about being needy, I feel a little needy now, but it will pass!! Have a great day!!

  2. Glad things are getting a bit better for you Emily. Never heard of a "cuddle call" but, sounds good to me. Wish I had someone to call for just cuddling.
    Love to all, Kathy