Friday, October 21, 2011

No Matter What

I get asked a lot how I do it-how I stay sober. Well besides one day at a time I do it no matter what. No matter how I feel, no matter how horrible life gets, no matter what I'm thinking, no matter what other people are doing....I just don't drink-no matter what.

I heard in early sobriety not to put conditions on your sobriety-I guess I took that to heart. There's always going to be an excuse to drink-but that's all they are is excuses.

So to answer every ones question...I stay sober one day at a time by not drinking NO MATTER WHAT!

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  1. Hi, Emily --

    I keep hearing that sobriety is not the same as not drinking. That there such a thing as a "dry drunk." That in true sobriety, a person becomes joyous, happy, and free. Do you feel you've reached that point? If so, when did you first notice it? Can you describe it? I am able to not drink for many days at a time (not months yet) and I never seem to reach the joyous, happy and free stage. So I'm obviously not understanding or getting it somehow.