Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Mother is in Town

Which is always stressful. I love her very much, she's actually one of my best friends, but she does seem to bring out issues in me. Like the one I've had since childhood that I'm not good enough. I wonder why that is!? I know Moms don't mean to, but it seems that it happens a lot. If I had to name the number one issue that women email me about (besides alcohol) it is their Moms.

Issues or not I love my Mom. She is an amazing women. Soooo glad your here Madra!

I am sorry I've been so absent on here. I miss you guys! xoxoxoxox

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  1. I come and go with reading posts.. Always am encouraged and at times take a humm for later thought. I struggle like all who check in here.. However, In looking back at posts here the one word that screamed at me and made me keep looking back was a post from Emily to just .. to surrender.. Forever a journey that is not always easy but it is what gives us freedom.