Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So come to find out people from my neighborhood read my blog-weird.
Anyway one of them went and told my was-been that I blogged about him.
I won't take back one thing I said in those post but I will say
this...really? You ran and told him? Why? Just to hurt his feelings?
Like he's not hurting enough right now? I have my own feelings about
the situation and unless you were married to him you wouldn't
understand. So really you should stay out of it. And so should I
actually...but this is my safe place where I can come and talk about
my feelings. Gossiping hurts people and I love my was-been enough that
it pisses me off that anything written on here was used to hurt him.
Makes me feel bad, that is not the intent of this blog. And please try
to remember as you go about your gossiping that there are children we
are trying to protect. Thanks.

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  1. Peoplenthat gossip are to busy trying to get people to not notice how messed up they are. Shame on them! Sometimes people gossip because they are lacking the compassion that I have learned in the program I'm working. I have learned that if I take care of what I need to in my own life, I'd be to busy to be poking in someone else's, because it's really not my business what others are doing!

    Best of luck Emily. You only say things with love and honesty, proud of you for that,