Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Drama in my Life

I have a lot going on right now. But when I really look at it very little of it is mine. It is me being involved in other lives or in some cases their drama.

Beau's mouth is still wired-Friday's the big day. He has what he wants to eat all planned out. It has been tough on him, but he truly has taken it like a champ. I am proud of him. Now if he can just stay on track I won't have to bust up the other side of his jaw:) It is my job to be involved in a bit of his life and drama...but this, not so much......

Here's what I'm talking about with others drama. My was-been's wife left him while he was out of town this weekend. She took pretty much everything...I will admit she is smarter than me in that aspect...I am kinder, and actually human...but whatever. It upset my kid which is actually the only reason I care. She left like a coward without even saying good-bye. I guess that's how you do it when the love of money comes before people. They both have that problem. But it their problem it is not mine. So out of it I will stay-or at least try to.

Other that that I am doing great. It is so amazing to see how far I have come. I have all of these skills to deal with things and all of this insight-it is amazing. I am so grateful to have a program that teaches me to be less of an ass:)

How are you all doing?

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