Monday, October 3, 2011

Drama in my Life

It's been an emotional week for my family.

My x-husband's wife left him this weekend while he was out of town. She's been married 4 times if that tells you anything...she took her share, the share I didn't take, and a good amount of his. Part of me understands that it's actually just karma, he sort of deserved it. The other part feels angry as hell. She upset my kids. Leaving like such a huge coward, not even saying good-bye to them. I guess stuff and money came first - gross really.

It is bringing up some old stuff for me...she left him for a lot of the same reasons I did. I tried to point that out to him today - maybe too early. He may never own his part in it, and you know what - that's none of my business. My business is owning my part of my stuff - which this situation is not. He is the father of my children so I will try my hardest not to kick him while he is down (which trust me is tough)

Still, the whole deal sucks. Divorce no matter the situation is always painful.

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