Thursday, October 13, 2011

All at Once

Sometimes life throws you a whole lot of crap all at once-no fun, no
fun at all. You know how it goes...broke, not getting along with your
love ones, house a wreck, routine thrown to shit, then something
little you bump your head and you BLOW. When it happens
to me I normally throw a fit that would put any 3 year old to shame. I
have been known to scream and yell at God, even fired him once. It
sucks to feel like life is gaining up on you, but what I have learned
is there's always a reason. Most of the time for me it is because I
need to surrender. But still I like when my life just flows along
peacefully...and sometimes it does, but because it is life sometimes
it doesn't.

I guess my goal is to learn the lessons I am supposed to be learning
as quickly as possible. I believe that we relive our lessons in all
sorts of ways until we learn what God needs us to learn. So I'm all
for doing it quickly!

Sorry I'm all over the place...lots going on. xo, em
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  1. Working the twelve step program works for me, every time I choose to use it. I have been through some heavy duty stuff that life throws up & as a direct result of applying the twelve step program before during & after the stuff I have coped,retained peace of mind & hurt no one along the way. All the answers are in the big book if I want them. Live in the solution every thing passes, we have to keep changing & growing.Praying for you & you boys.