Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Women Food and God

I am reading the book -Women Food and God- right now. In fact I just put it down as it made me cry. For crying out loud does everything have too have a deeper meaning? Sometimes I wish I could just be an airhead that wasn't capable of connecting her own dots-but not really. My ability to figure my own self out is pretty cool. Anyway back to the book-the author nailed it. She explained that every time we eat when we are not hungry, we are doing so to fill a void-most of us know this right?! But her way of writing is simple and to the point. We all know how I feel about "wordy" self-help books-they are not helpful.

It teaches us to stop, stay in the moment and acknowledge the feeling you are about to bolt from. It totally reminds me of the quote "Put the cork back in the bottle and the fridge flies open." that one-it's so true. We all use some vice to bolt from our feelings whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, sex or shopping...everyone uses something. Feelings can be terrible painful, but once we face them it removes so much of the power they hold over us. I am willing to do the work suggested in this book, even though it is making me cry.


  1. Hi Emily, Sounds like a good book.
    Could you explain the one about "put the cork back in the bottle and the fridge flies open"? I never heard that and really don't get it at all. Thanks!

  2. I just means that once you deal with one vice another one will surface, until the underline issue is dealt with.