Thursday, September 15, 2011

Turning the other Cheek

I seldom see the need to get on a bandwagon but lordy, lordy, what is happening in our schools - My 16 year old grandson (who was brought up never to use his fists) was attacked today unprovoked by another student in the stairwell and had his jaw broken. He is in the hospital now awaiting surgery to have a metal plate put in his jaw and his mouth wired shut. Nothing about this seems sane to me - question - is turning the other cheek really the right thing to do?

Now mind you this is Grandmas version. But she's actually kind of got it right, that is pretty much what happened. Theses days if you fight back you get in just as much trouble as the kid who started it. They have no clause for self defense. Good thing Beau walked away (with a broken jaw) but still he walked away...

We really are at the hosiptal right now. I normally don't blog about current eventd about my kids, but I need your support, and love, and advice. We're going to be here awhile.


  1. OMG Em & Mom!!!! WTH happened? Why did this kid attack Beau? My God, he is such a sweet, soft-spoken, reserved kid...I can't imagine him doing anything to have this happen to him. I say press charges - THAT IS ASSAULT! And I'd make his family pay for the medical/hospital bills as much for "turning the other cheek". My thoughts are that if a punch is thrown, you HAVE TO fight back - you can't just lay there and take it...sure, you're probablly gonna be punished for your acts of "self-defense", but sometimes you have to do what you have to do....I am SO SORRY that this has happened to Beau. Please call, text, email or update me here on his condition....I am sick to my stomach right now. Oh Em..big, big, big hugs to you and the boys right prayers are always with you guys! Love you all!

  2. So sorry Em, I am with Annette on this one. I hope he is not in to much pain, that is insane!!! I do hope he is ok, and I hope you are too, it must be very scary to say the least!!

    Lots of prayers and love to you all!!