Monday, September 19, 2011


I am almost to tired to type. This is taking a toll on me, it really is. I have every emotion going on...fear, anger, worry, sadness...all of them. But the good news is I don't act on them anymore. Before I got sober this situation would have made me flip my flipping lid. I would have ape shit and most likely have ended up in jail myself. While I was drinking I acted on my every emotion normally in a loud and embarrassing way. I am so glad to no longer be that women. (Hey, as I am typing this I am thinking of how alike Annette's feelings in her post are to mine.)

The not acting out on your every emotion really is a wonderful part of sobriety!

I'm off to take a nap. xo, em


  1. Yes it is! It's amazing to me how much easier situations are to deal with when you're not drunk and ranting and raving the second an emotion hits I do my best to not react at all when something first happens or is said, I acknowledge whatever it is, take at least a few hrs (but usually 24 hrs) to process whatever it is in my own head and then gather my thoughts and respond to the's sooooo much better this way....I'll say it again.....SOBRIETY ROCKS!

    Hang in there may take some time, but this too shall pass :)


  2. Hi - I have not checked in for awhile. However, as I read these posts I felt as a mom so saddened and even angry for you Emily. My son started high school this year and it is big school so I worry at times of things like this happening. Over the years, I have the belief that schools really don't enforce the no tolerence for bullying. Prayers your way in all the types of healing for your son.

  3. Emily-
    I am so sorry to hear about your son, I pray for a speedy recovery (physically and emotionally) for you all. I have counseled kids that have fallen victim to bullying, it's a rough situation that they are in. Keeping the lines of communication open are key- as you thing I have encountered as a psychologist is that if parents are overtly verbal about their anger with the situation, it will sometimes hinder kids from communicating what is going on. Kids tend to be fearful that their parents actions can worsen the situation. I am NOT AT ALL insinuating that this is happening in you home- I am just sharing a process that I have witnessed. As a parent, I imagine it would be the hardest thing in the world to keep a poker face. Prayers for your family.


    ps- Is anyone having trouble with the donation button? When I click on it, nothing happens...