Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teenagers are Tuff

They say that when you are experiencing pain and difficult situations yet can feel serenity, happiness and peace you are truly as close to God as you can get. Well it seems that God and I couldn't be any closer. My heart is super heavy yet I have this calm under line peace. I am finding raising a teenager to be a giant test of everything I am and everything I am trying to be. If my kid makes it to his 18th birthday without me knocking him the hell out it will be nothing short of a miracle.

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  1. Hang in there sweets!...and don't strangle him - prison life is NOT a good life - don't forget that! My tuff teen has lightened up a bit the past week or so - thank God!!! Now I just have a whole new "thing" that I'm battling with and working thru - a new business. I'll tell everyone about it later when (and if) it's successful. I'm really being put to the test right now with my "control" issues as well as learning to work with partners in business. It has NOT been easy AT ALL and I've had to compromise on some issues that I really felt pretty strongly about, but this is life!...and I must, must learn to accept life on life's terms, deal with it, don't drink at it and don't have a nervous breakdown either. I'm truly sorry that I missed posting Sobriety Sunday this past week - Sunday was an extremely trying, difficult day for me and I just could not muster up the strength and/or words to help anyone, including myself, that day. I'll be back this Sunday and hope to have some "happy" thoughts/words to share with everyone....but even if they aren't happy thoughts/words, I'll share whatever it is that I'm feeling that day....that's how this all works :)

    Hope everyone is doing well and like Em, sure am missing hearing from y'all on here....the silence is almost deafening - I don't like it :(