Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

Hello everyone! Today I sit in gratitude that I am alive and sober! Sat thru an amazing and inspirational Church service this morning - topic of course was the 10 yr Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country. As we heard stories of various people that had lost loved ones at the World Trade Center that day, I was moved by their faith, but especially their HOPE - their hope that this tragedy would not be the defining moment in their lives. The defining moment in their lives would be the hope they had for their future and the future of our country to bond together - as Americans. It was truly moving. Today I am grateful and honored to be a United States Army veteran that served my country; I am grateful to be a sober alcoholic in recovery and that I have hope that I can continue to help & support those still struggling; I am grateful to be an American today in a country that I can live freely....I hope all of you are participating in something special today to mark the Anniversary of the 9/11 events...even if it's just a special prayer you say today :)

Guest Posting for Em


  1. Annette,
    Thanks for guest posting. I have to ask about your service to our country. That has never come up until now? Thank You, Thank You! Please, tell us more about that journey. Love to all.

  2. I am. In. A bad place, I but I know better is to come! Hope you. Are all doing well, and thank you Annette for your service!

  3. I was in the United States Army Reserves from 1988-1996. I did my basic training at Ft. Dix in NJ in February - never knew what cold meant until bivouac in the deep snow for 10 days (BRRRR!), and then I did my AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX - much better weather down there :) I was a 71G which is a Patient Administration Specialist a/k/a "combat typist". I was called to active duty December 21st, 1990 and left for Saudi Arabia the day after Xmas 1990. I was attached to the 8th EVAC Army Hospital out of Ft. Ord, CA. It was me and one other guy from my KC unit that was attached to the 8th, so I knew no one...kinda scary. I turned 21 in Saudi Arabia, so didn't have to worry much about drinking back then :) Alcohol is illegal in that country, so if you wanted it, you either made your own or had it smuggled into the country inside of a teddy bear (yes, I did this)...also drank some "home-made wine" one night, got shit-faced and thought I was going blind the next morning. I lived in a tent (GP Medium for any of you vets or current soldiers out there) with 9 other girls - all from the same unit in Nebraska - we became and still are very, very close friends :) We lived in the desert right across the street from King Fahd Airport where the fighter jets took off to fly missions in Iraq. We were about an hour outside of Dahran. I lived there for 6 months and that 6 months felt like many years....when you are "working" 24/7 with no place to go and nothing to do - even on the weekends - the time passes VERY, VERY slowly. It was scary, with air raid sirens going off nightly, sometimes several times per nite; it was sandy....that's probably why I hate sand now; we had 2 SCUD missiles hit (nothing, but empty land) less than a mile from our compound (VERY SCARY); my grandfather back home died while I was there and my family wasn't able to contact me until after they had already had his funeral. I grew up pretty quickly during and after this experience....however, it is an experience that I would never trade in a million years. When I got home at the end of that 6 months, my Dad died suddenly from complications of an asthma attack at the age of 41 exactly 1 week after I got home to the States. I'm forever grateful that I got to spend some time with him before he passed, but it wasn't enough time and I miss him like crazy and I'd say that when he died, my drinking was at an all time high for a pretty long time....but I eventually got back to being a "normie" drinker after awhile and didn't start back up drinking alcoholically again until my late 30's. I served the rest of my 8 yr term and decided not to re-enlist as I was married by then and we were getting ready to have kids and I couldn't bare the thought of having a baby (babies) and getting called up to serve our country overseas again and have to leave them for an indefinite period of time, let along, the possibility of leaving them motherless in the event of my death over there. I am very proud of my service to our country and would do it all again in a heartbeat :) Kinda brief, but I'm exhausted tonite....usually I'm quite the night owl :)

    If anyone has any other questions about this that I didn't cover above, let me know - it seems like a lifetime ago and it's nice to talk about it/reminisce sometimes :)

    Hugs to everyone!

  4. Annette,
    Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you even more, for bravely serving our country and protecting our freedoms! I have a great respect and appreciation for gals like you and all the woman and men who serve. Police, Firemen, EMT's, as well. It takes a very special person (YOU) to serve and protect. Thank You!!!
    I'd love to know what a "GP Medium" tent is. For nine women? Did you have showers? Toilets? What about meals? What did you eat on a daily basis?
    What happened when it was, "that time of the month"? I'm so curious to now actually know someone who has served. Please know that it's a very respectful curiosity and if I'm overstepping any bounds, set me straight.
    Also, would love to know how can my family and me help? I often hear about helping the spouses and kids that are here in the States, waiting for Mom or Dad to return. How can I find a family in our area to help? Even if it is just babysitting so that the parent at home can have a few hours to themselves. Or I could grocery shop, whatever. I'd love to help in any way you think (from first hand experience) would be helpful.

    Love to you Annette,

  5. To doggielover,

    I'm sorry, I got so wrapped up in Annette's service to our country, I forgot to ask how you are. Is there anything I can do for you? You have been so helpful to me and so encouraging! I don't know what your circumstances are but, I do know you have mentioned you are going through a lot. I can pray for you if you would find that helpful. Please let me know, I'd love to give back.

    Love to you,