Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Car

"You just shouldn't be driving that car." I hear that all the time. The car is a '95 Honda Accord with decently low mileage and I'm lucky to be driving at all, so I wasn't really getting what they were saying. I asked {name withheld} who promptly explained to me that I looked pretty and put together, and that my car did not. It runs and well, but pretty it is not. I'm actually a lot more like my car than people think...The inside of me is healthy and running great, it is the outside that needs a little bit of work.

It made me reflect on the last 3 1/2 years. I lost my license for 2 years...and actually didn't drive. It was every bit as horrible as it sounds. It was humbling, inconvenient, crappy and embarrassing, but looking back now, I took it with Grace. I knew I deserved it, and that I could and would live through it-but still it sucked.

My journey unto and in sobriety has been humbling. I use to think things like the house I lived in and the car I drove mattered, now I get that the fact I have a car and a home to live in is a blessing. I use to think that this world owed me something, I now get that it is I that owes the world.

I am a different women today that I ever though I would be. I still have work to do, but I love who I am becoming.

side prayer:
Dear Universe,
A new car would be rad!
xo, em


  1. Hey - if it gets you from Point A to Point B - you're golden! I was grateful for that car that got you and me to and from our meeting when I was in AZ :) You're exactly right too Em! Don't sit around thinking the world owes you....I personally think that God put us on this Earth to do His work and do our best to make it a little bit better every day :) Sitting around waiting for what you think you're due will get you nothing and nowhere! Get out there and shake things up a bit....take action....do something to make someone "else" happy or smile...doesn't matter how big or small, it's the thought and the actions that matter! Material things don't define us - "we" define ourselves thru our actions! Sorry y'all, I'm a little "peppy" today - just got done helping out at the high school with the kiddos voting for the freshman Homecoming Prince & Princess - oh what great times!

    And Ms. Em.....I love you, your car, your house, your kids and your awnry little anti-social cat! So there! You ROCK in my book and that won't ever change! xoxo

  2. I totally agree with Annette. Yes, you are pretty but, it's not your car that makes you pretty. It's you and the woman you are and the woman you are becoming.
    And yes, God did put us here to do His work and I truly believe you are doing just that. Just continue what you are doing, who knows, God may send you a new car. He can do ANYTHING! But, if He doesn't it is because He knows you're ok with what you've got. How could any of us expect newer or bigger or better if we are not truly grateful for what we already have? And I KNOW that you are truly grateful. So, whomever has decided you need a different car, tell them "in God's timing". Amen?
    Love to you all. Kathy