Saturday, September 24, 2011

Girls Night Out

Tonight I felt like the luckiest women on spite of my kids broken jaw, in spite of being broke, in spite of everything I portray as bad...I felt so lucky to be me. It was amazing

There is this strong, talented women inside me. She is funny, and so comfortable in her own skin that it often surprises me I am that women. I totally loved being me tonight.

I went out with the girl to sing karaoke...I had never sung before, not even drunk....but I did tonight, I didn't give a crap what anyone thought about me, in my drinking days that's all I cared being free of that was an amazing feeling...on top of that we rocked the shit out of "Baby got Back." :) It was a great night!!

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  1. Hi, Emily --

    I'm really new at sobriety (which I understand is more than not drinking). But I'm wondering something -- I know you are almost 4 years sober. Do you ever find yourself wanting a drink? If so, how often? If so, how long does the desire last? I'm assuming it lessens over time, is that right?