Friday, September 16, 2011


I have to be careful what I say here on out as there may be a lawsuit. A lawsuit-so un me, but you know what I expect that when I send my child to school he will be safe.

I can tell you that broken bones seem to feel better once they are set.

Let's talk about bullying. How many of you have anti-bullying policies in your state? Cause I can tell you this much, mine is a flipping about to!


  1. Our school district has a very strict anti-bullying policy and they really do enforce it - sometimes to the extreme, but I'd rather them be extreme than lax....the school guidance counselors in each of the elementary schools goes into the classrooms once a week for 1 hour and it's all about the wrongs of bullying, they also do special presentations quarterly in the gym for the whole school. In middle school (which is 6th-8th grades here), they have lots of interactive classes lead by the counselor where they act out bullying scenarios, how to handle bullies, what to say to a friend that is being a bully or being our high schools, they continue to have the interactive, role-playing classes by the counselor, but the kids have taken it upon themselves to start their own clubs that promote that they are of them is a club that promotes kids not using the word "retard" EVER FOR ANY REASON, some others are Re-bel and Operation Smile - they are all about anti-bullying. Our school district is really strict about bullying. When T was in 6th grade, an 8th grade girl we know was being bullied verbally by another 8th grade girl, counseling sessions ensued, but weren't helping the bully to stop day, a note was found on the floor in the hallway (they proved later was really from the bully) it said that so & so (the girl being bullied) was gonna die...they immediately got this girl into a safe, locked room in the office, the police were called and the girl who wrote the note was arrested and kicked out of school - our district does not mess around with bullying. Go get'em Em! I'm sure there will be a wonderful anti-bullying campaign in the works in Scottsdale before we know it! I so hope that Beau is ok...I'll call you in a bit! xoxo to you & the boys!

  2. Wow, Emily, I'm shocked! Our school district is also very strong on anti-bullying measures. You do need to be careful about what you write here as I'm sure you'll be involved in some legal matters soon.

    I'm very sorry that this has happened, and you and your family will be in my prayers. Take good care of your boy and watch him closely -- he can heal physically but I'm telling you things like this can really mess up a person's mind. To not feel safe where you are supposed to be safe is something I cannot describe. It stays with you a long time.

    God bless you and your boy, Emily...

  3. Oh Emily - I am so sorry to hear this and hope that your son makes a speedy recovery.

    I can say, as a high school teacher, no matter what the school's policies are or how strictly they are enforced - teenagers are teenagers and they will break rules and it is impossible for teachers and administrators to be in all places at all times and try to keep peace. I am sorry your son was hurt but I am glad he didn't fight back and cause more problems. I understand the need for the strict stance on fighting regardless of who threw the first punch. He did the right thing to keep himself out of trouble. That was a mature decision that most young people can't make so you should be very proud of him. I do hope you press charges against the boy who attacked him. Most schools do have cameras so hopefully it is caught on tape and will be an easy case to close.

    You and your family have all my thoughts and prayers. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  4. Emily, I'm sorry that you and your son are having to go through this. I haven't responded because it brings back some bad memories of my son being bullied in middle school. I do agree with all the comments so far. Your boy did the right thing, be proud of him! Teachers can't be everywhere and bully's would not by bully's if not "sneaky".

    I am praying for you and your boys. I must confess, I am also praying for the bully. Hurt people, hurt people. This bully must have some pretty bad shit going on at home. I think he needs prayer too. I hope that doesn't sound like an excuse. Love to you all, Kathy