Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?


  1. It was coke...but I gave it up awile ago. I drink A LOT of coffee. But also love, love, love Clear American raspberry/apple sparkling water. It is soooooo good!

  2. Iced tea with lemon is my #1 everyday fave drink! I also like cranberry juice and sometimes Red Bull. Quit drinking pop altogether about 2 years ago, so drink Coke on occasion - if none of the above are available - feel like total crap, bloated, etc. after only having one can, so try to stay away from it as much as I can.

    Hope everyone is having a great day - I'm so-so, have a lot going on and trying to get my Step 8 amends right before I do my Step 9 amends to my ex-best friend and it's very frustrating to me - not sure why - exhausted - need to get some sleep...I'll share more when I'm in a better place - maybe tomorrow :)

  3. Currently diet coke but I'd like to get rid of that also ... although I have to say the first one of the day is something that just tastes great to me.

    The raspberry/apple sparkling water sounds interesting. I'll have to look for that in the store.

    I've seen people talk about liking cranberry / club soda. I've always wondered about the proportions for that ... 50/50?

  4. I LOVES diet coke, but I know I need to quit!! Hopefully when I get settled I can get rid of that bad habit. I drink it morning, noon & night and I know it's bad.

    I like cranberry or diet cranberry w/ diet gingerale. It's really good!!

  5. I, too, am trying to stay away from soda (I love coke)so I'm drinking either iced tea (sun tea) with fresh lemons or oranges in it or I make lemonade (lemon, water, tsp of sugar). Oh yes, and an occasional iced coffee. Rose

  6. Soda water with lemon!

  7. The other day I mentioned that I love strawberry soda, on ice with a straw. NOT diet, the real stuff. It's like a party! I forgot to mention that another favorite is LaCroix lime flavored sparkling water. I get it in cans, in a 12 pack. It sounds fancy but, it's not. It's just very refreshing!
    Do any of you ever balk at prices of soft drinks? For instance, the water I just mentioned is $4.50, when on sale. I have no idea what it is full price.
    But, I didn't give a whole lot of thought to how much the "hooch" cost. Did you? And the strawberry soda is about .89 cents for a 2-litre. But, you have to drink it within a couple of days, otherwise, the "party" effect has fizzled!:)
    Hug to all,

  8. I love green tea got off coffee & tea, a bit tough getting off it a lot of headaches,so not addicted to them any more, can have a odd one now & then, I can leave the house early for work & don't need either of them. I started juicing so I have great fun at that carrots & beets yummie.

  9. I am so addicted to diet pepsi. Morning, noon and night. I am powerless over diet pepsi.

    Yes, I have a problem...but not ready to do anything about it despite doctors advice.

    The trials and tribulations of being alcoholic!