Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Wedding

Is she not the most beautiful bride ever? Better yet she is the most beautiful person ever. Has been even since she was a little girl. Now I would like to take all the credit being that I was her preschool teacher and the one that gave her her the book The Rules, but I can't, the credit absolutely goes to her wonderful parents. It was such an honor to be at this special ocassion.

And the details...Oh' the details...amazing. There where far to many to name, but I will share my favorite one...they decorated the bathroom and filled it with everything you would need to freshen up...includuing flip flop incase your feet got sore from dancing. Brilliant right!?


  1. Hi Emily,

    Are you going to post pictures of you and Annette? I've been looking forward to them.

    Have a good time a the wedding.

  2. Anonymous - sorry it took so long - I uploaded the pic and my post the other day from my laptop and then forgot to actually post it from my home computer - since I originated it earlier this week, it posted right below Em's post today. Hope all is well with you and keep comin back :)

  3. She is stunning! I love weddings - probably always will :) And looovvveee the idea of the flip flops for sore dancing feet - genious! Hope you had a great time at the wedding - sounds like you did :) Hope all is well with you and the boys and I STILL am missing you like crazy!!!

    As for me, I am gonna try to meet with my sponsor this afternoon to let her know that I am going to find a new sponsor. She has decided to stop attending meetings altogether, however, she is still a daily reader of the BB and very stable in her sobriety. I just feel that I need a sponsor who attends meetings (sometimes with me) and that is working a strong program of recovery. I still love her and we will be friends for the rest of our hope anyway - I haven't done this yet, so she may see it differently, but don't think she will. I'm a bit fearful, but feel in my heart that this is the right thing to do "for me and my sobriety" and I hope that she'll feel the same.

    Had some tense moments yesterday where I really needed to talk to her and couldn't get ahold of her - not her fault at all, she was with extended family - but made me make my decision to follow my heart.

    Yesterday - sometimes dealing with those that are not in the program or that of it's sister program can be frustrating. My son & husband were totally freaking out about a decision that another boy and his parents had made for "them"...this ranting went on and on and when I could no longer listen to another second, I went to Sonic to get an iced tea and calm down. I felt like I was going to explode!

    Came back, calm, and talked with my husband about it today - explained that I really don't want our son to think that his life is affected by a decision by others that really and truly doesn't affect "him". This is hard to explain in writing...another boy decided not to play fall baseball with us for his own personal guys are stressing, discussing "why, why, why" and even thinking about talking to him about reconsidering and changing his mind. I stepped up and told them both in a very calm, polite, loving manner that the other boys decision (made along with his parents) is none of our business. We should wish him the best and move on with our own lives. How would my husband & son feel if WE made a decision and other people began to call us telling us we made the wrong decision and pushing us to change our minds....I, personally, would be infuriated. I ended my portion of the conversation saying that we need to work hard to keep "our" side of the street clean and stay out of the sides of "others". I also admitted that over the years I had been the worst example of this way of thinking, but I've changed, grown and learned that it makes for a much happier & peaceful life not meddling in the lives of others. Not sure what they are gonna take from it, but I hope they at least listened and will consider it - I can't change them - only they can change themselves.

    Whoo!!! I should have majored in journalism - I write waaayyyy too much :)