Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sobriety Sunday......on Tuesday :)

Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn't able to do my weekly Sobriety Sunday post on Sunday....but here it is on Tuesday - same subject (sobriety), different day (Tuesday) - it all still works :)

Gratitude!!!!! I was SOOOOO grateful to be sober Sunday in particular! My 10 yr old was being pulled on a skateboard by a friend riding his bike - rope attached to the bike, and my son on the board at the other end....no helmet mind you :( Anyway, he was going really fast, hit a rock and fell on the street on his head - scrambling, crying, screaming, rushing - ER - cat scans - concussion yes - no brain injury (THANK GOD!!) - and then home with extensive instructions as they have recently increased the guidelines for monitoring and after-care on concussions.

Had I been drinking and/or drunk, soooo many different scenarios could have played out badly: I could have been pulled over for DUI while en route to the ER, the ER staff could have called SRS while we were in the ER, I could have missed something important the doctor or nurse had said to me in regard to my son's injury....so many things "could have happened IF I had been drinking and/or drunk".

Nothing bad happened in this regard - I was as sober as the Pope and 100% present for my son and the doctors. When I choose sobriety first and foremost in my life, I don't have to worry about the situations I mentioned above and that right there affirms for me why my sobriety is so totally important for me and my family.

I was lucky back in my drinking days that neither of my kids was ever injured while I was drinking/drunk and required ER visits...."only by the Grace of God"! Drinking is not worth anything in my mind these days - I honestly don't miss it at all. I much prefer coming face to face on a daily basis with life on life's terms - it ain't always pretty, but it's there nonetheless, and I deal with it :)

Hope everyone is having a great day & again, I apologize for my late post - I'm sure all you moms out there understand :)

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