Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

LYING, DECEIVING, DISHONESTY, MANIPULATING.....These are all things that I wanted to talk about today. When I was drinking, I was the master liar. My husband would call home from out of town and point blank ask me if I was drinking - my answer, of course, was no....when I was sitting there with a drink in my hand. I would be drunk and say something I was supposed to keep to myself - get caught - and lie like a rug to blame someone else...who cares who got hurt - as long as it wasn't me.

I look back at one of the most liberating changes I made once I became sober and that is becoming honest....and I mean honest to the core. It was hard when I started, but by being honest in all that I do and say, it has become something that I truly cherish. Don't get me wrong - I'm in no way perfect, but when I "do" occasionally slip up and fall back into my old ways, I now "face the music". I might get hurt, get embarassed, my ego takes a hit - but I own it and do whatever it takes to make it right.

The worst person you can lie to is yourself. I successfully stayed as far away from getting sober for a very long time by continuously lying to myself. Once I got honest with myself, I found that getting sober was a bit easier to consider - because then I knew the truth...I was an alcoholic and I needed to get help, from whatever source was available wherever it was available. Which could also be described as "was willing to go to any lengths" to get sober.

If you are currently lying to yourself or others about your drinking, today is the perfect day to stop lying and give the truth a might just experience that liberating feeling I discovered not so long ago. The truth really does set you free :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday! I'm off to a mandatory drug & alcohol meeting at my son's high school. Oh how I pray for him and all of his classmates that they don't ever have to battle this wicked, evil monster that we all fight every day.

Love, prayers and hugs to you all!

Guest posting for Em


  1. Just feeling the need to give a Whoot! Whoot! to myself today - 8 months of CONTINUOUS sobriety today! So grateful to God, you all, my sponsor and my awesome program of recovery!

    ....and no, there are no lies in the above "Whoot! Whoot!" haha! Feeling great & loving life today - it truly is a simple program that works if you work it!

    Love & hugs to you all!

  2. Really good hearing that I was the same as you & the sad part of it was at the time I didn't realise I was being so dishonest to myself or the people around me. I was sick & tired of being sick & tired, & AA saved my life. By working the twelve step program of recovery in my daily life I can live happy joyous & free. I love my life today I don't have everything I want but I do have everything I need. The battle is over alcohol won, I am no longer fighting alcohol or anyone, my Higher Power is doing for me what I could not do for myself.

  3. Annette,

    Congratulations! You continue to inspire me.


  4. Thanks Anon Irl - isn't it funny how alike we are we when we are totally honest about our darkest hours - yeah, I was such a liar that the old phrase "liar, liar pants on fire" ass should have been blasting flames :) So happy & grateful to be honest with myself #1 as well as others - and love hearing that this simple program of recovery is working in others lives - sometimes I get pretty emotional about it because it IS a program that works and I "finally" don't care "how" it works....IT JUST DOES - and that's all I need today!

    Mary - thank you and I soooo want you to have what Anon Irl and myself have....what Em has...what doggielover has..sobriety is soooo worth fighting hard for :) Alway in my prayers sweetie!

  5. Annette,

    You just made me LOL! I was going to email you that I was doing ok but, I'm not. But, it is a program of honesty. So, your success and your humor continue to inspire me. I know I'll get it. I'm still working, till about 7:30 or 8:00. So, tomorrow eve. my butt will be sitting in a church somewhere, being honest with my future buddies at an AA meeting. And desperately praying for a sponsor or a temp. Someone. I always thought the flames blasting from my ass were because of hemorrhoids, now I see it was the "liar, liar pants on fire". I'll soon be saving a ton on hemorrhoidal creams!
    Congratulations friend! So proud of you! "8" Big hugs!!!

  6. Thx Kathy! Keep at it girl - I KNOW you can do not give up! Glad I could make you laugh :) You're comment made me laugh as well!

  7. Hi All,
    I'm finally done working for today. The little guys left about 8:30, Chicago time. Just wanted to share my new favorite Christian song. If you'd like to hear it, please, google nicole c mullen. Click on the 4th listing, it is her video and the lyrics. It's beautiful. She's beautiful and the message is also amazing. Don't think I've shared yet, I am a Christian. I'm not a "religious" person but, spiritual. I've studied the Bible for several years, have amazing Christian friends and Yes, Virginia, I am an alcoholic! Go figure. God has a plan for all of us! Good night hugs to all! Kathy

  8. Annette, YEAH 8 months!!!!! Your amazing!! Kathy, so glad you are going to take care of yourself!!