Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well :) Since things have been a bit "quiet" on here lately, I thought I'd borrow an idea I saw on another forum I read daily. It's called "Roll Call" and you just fill in the info you feel comfortable posting....I noticed on the other forum that several women realized that they all lived near one another and were able to get together face-to-face and it has really seemed to help them in their sobriety struggles. If you don't want to fill one of the lines in, just leave it blank :)

State: Kansas

Marital Status: Married 17 years this November

Kiddos: 2 boys, ages 10 & 14

Issues: procrastination, selfishness, setting & then working towards goals, that pesky disease monster frequently trying to tell me "you can be a normal drinker" and trying too hard sometimes to save the world.

Goals: Work thru and conquer my character defects one day at a time, set goals and work towards them, stop trying to save the world and focus on myself and help those still suffering the nasty thralls of this disease on a daily basis whenever and however I possibly can :)

Sobriety Date and/or Status: December 22, 2010

So, with that, look forward to learning a little about those that follow Em's blog and may not comment, but merely read. You never know when you might find out that some of us may live just down the street and be a wonderful source of friendship & support :) Like they say, "sobriety begins with one alcoholic talking with another alcoholic".

Hope everyone had a great weekend and big cyber-hugs to everyone!

Guest-posting for Emily


  1. Great idea Annette!
    OK, I'll go first.
    State: Illinois, (LaGrange)
    Marital status: Divorced (8 years, married for 10)
    Kiddos: one son, 16
    Issues: drinking
    Goals: quit drinking
    Sobriety date: don't have one, yet.
    I hope this gets some action going on this blog. I really miss hearing from everyone.
    To guccigirl, I'm praying for you daily. How are you doing? Please let me know. When I was young, I did the same as you described. Now I'm old and don't have to worry about the "men thing", no one is interested! LOL Anyway, let us all know how you are. Love to all of you, Kate

  2. This is interesting - although for now I prefer to stay anonymous.
    State: PA
    Kiddos: daughter (28), son (26)
    Issues: low self esteem, procrastination, doing too much to help others and neglect myself, drinking.
    Goals: quit drinking, lose weight, learn some self care
    Sobriety date: Today is day 1 (again)

  3. State: Was Ma, now Pa.
    Marital Status: if you know will you tell me???
    Canine Children: 2, a boy & a girl
    Issues: Lots, but I am working on them!!
    Goals: Working my steps and taking responsiblity for my actions and trying to do the next right thing.
    Sobriety Date: April 26, 2010
    Hope everyone is doing well!!! Let's hear how everyone is doing? I'm getting by, doing the best I can. Sobriety has kept me sane!!

  4. Great idea Annette!!

    State: Arizona
    Marital Status: Happily Divorced
    Children: Beau-16, Gavim-11
    Issues: They differ from day to day...but procrastination is a huge one.
    Goals: To live a healthy and balanced life
    Sobriety Date: 11/23/2007

    I would love more people to share! Hope everyone is well! xo, em

  5. Happy to see some responses, but find it hard to believe there are so few followers here on Emillyism :)

    Anon above from PA - how is it going? Not sure if you noticed or not, but doggielover above is in PA too! Not sure where either of you ARE in PA - it is quite a big state, but who knows, you could live real close to one another. Doggielover is really strong in her program of recovery and she would be an awesome woman for you to meet up with if you both lived close enough to one another. Sometimes face-to-face friendship and support from other alcoholics is priceless. But if you don't want to move that quickly, following on here is awesome too!

    Hope you are doing well, and I hope you've been able to string along a few days of sobriety. Please let us know how you are doing, if you're struggling with anything in particular that maybe we could help with. I know that it's hard at first, but it really does get a bit easier as time in sobriety progresses :)

    Here for you whenever you feel like commenting again and always keeping you in my prayers....along with everyone on here :)

  6. Hi Annette,

    I'm anonymous from PA. Actually, I've corresponded with both you and doggielover privately. I follow doggielover's blog also and contacted her when I saw that she was moving back. It turns out we do live fairly close ... she even recognized the name of the very small town where I reside. Small world!
    I'm trying to get my head around actually working the AA program and meeting people face to face. Just not that brave yet. If it's ok with both you and doggielover I may contact you privately in the future. So far I haven't had a drink since last Saturday. My main goal right now is to go through the weekend without a drink. It would be the first weekend in a loooong time. I'm also reading these blogs every day and currently reading Diary of an Alcoholic Housewife which I think you highly recommended also. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

  7. Hi Anonymous!!! So glad you are doing well. If you want maybe we can talk this weekend, or go to a meeting together? Even if you don't want to do a face to face, maybe we schedule some phone time, it can help you and me both stay away from a drink. I have been thinking of you. Things have been really crazy, but I am getting by and I am so thankful for my sobriety!!

    Please let me know what you need. I am not sure what my weekend will consist of, but I can maybe come your way and we can go to a meeting that we both haven't been to if you wanted. NO PRESSURE!! Please reach out, it will help you stay accountable to yourself.

    Lots of love to you & everyone on the site!!!

  8. To Anonymous from PA and doggielover,
    How cool that you live within a reasonable distance to go to a meeting together. Anyone out there near LaGrange, IL? Would love to go to a meeting with someone from Emily's blog.
    God Bless You, All!
    (formerly posting as "Kate")

  9. So, so happy to see the interaction & support back on the blog!!!! Was hoping the roll call would help :)

    Anon PA - so glad to hear that you & doggielover are talking & emailing - that's huge - just don't forget to keep the rest of us posted and what's goin on with ya :)

    Whew it's been a long day - gonna have to hit the hay.

    Hugs to all!!!

  10. I have posted just once before as Anonymous. So here goes on the roll-call. Now I wonder will anyone be living near me!

    Country: Ireland
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Children: Boy(11),Girl(13)
    Issues: Procrastination and staying sober are the main ones at the moment.
    Goals: To live happily sober, to get involved in activities other than work, tv, housework and parenting!
    Sobriety Date: Aug 10th 2011

    I have been following this blog on and off for the past 6 or 7 months. So even though its been quiet lately you never know who is reading but not posting as I have been. It has helped me so much to realise that I am an alcoholic. I have not told anyone about this,yet.

  11. Hi doggielover,

    Anonymous from PA again ... at the risk of outing myself before I'm ready I'm going to start using my real name here ... Mary. Because there's only one Mary in PA so everyone will immediately know who I am :)

    Anyway, this weekend is bad for me ... having company coming from out of town. But I think it's time for me to try a meeting. Can I send you an email privately ... maybe we can go to a meeting together sometime next week or the following weekend?

    Annette (and everyone else here), thanks for your kind words and support. I'll be sure to post again after my first meeting.

    Michelle, not anywhere near you now but one of my dreams is to visit Ireland someday ... so you never know!

  12. Anon Ireland - oh how I would LOVE to be able to say that I live in Ireland - it is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking places I've ever seen and that's was just from a plane window and the short layover at the airport - One of my goals is to visit someday. Nope, I'm 1/2 way around the world in good ol Kansas - the land of Dorothy, Toto and the ruby slippers :) Good for you Ireland!...and Happy Day #1 of sobriety. Keep comin back here, take what you can from others stories & suggestions and we are all here to support you and answer your questions whenever possible :) Have you thought about meetings or a therapist? If you feel comfortable, maybe you could tell us a bit more about your drinking history and what led you to finally realize that you are alcoholic. Typing it out on here is almost as good as saying it out loud - and both have been VERY, VERY therapeutic to me and others. Only if you want to though - no rushing here - very proud of you for sounding off in the roll call and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help support you in your sobriety :)

    You are not alone sweetie - there are many, many of us and it does get better!

    Mary - ah yes, I know exactly who you are're that Mary from PA, the one with the blond hair that I saw driving down Main Street the other day while I was in PA :) HaHa...sorry, just had to insert some comedy in there cuz it's funny how we think writing something personal about ourselves on blogs on the internet and giving out only our state and 1st name is gonna out us.....very normal sweetie and I didn't mean anything harmful or malicious...just trying to bring a small smile & chuckle or two to someone reading today :)

    Am lovin your strength & courage girl! I think you & doggie lover trying to catch a meeting next week together is awesome! I just absolutely LOOOOVVVEEEE to see people getting together to help, love & support one another when possible - it's amazing how this horrible disease can bring about such amazing comraderie and friendship....and NEW friendships! Since originally getting sober in Dec. 09, I have met some incredible women who I know call friends and can't imagine my life without them....all part of God's plan for us I bet :)

    Gosh - this blog is getting super busy again - I LOVE IT!!!! Hope to see some more readers/followers respond to the roll call and remember, you can ALWAYS remain anonymous....when we get a ton of Anon's, we'll start giving everyone Anon names - like, Anon above from Ireland - I would like to call you "Ireland" if that's ok with you? Let me know.....gosh, I'm so excited that we're "gettin busy and movin & groovin" again on here....I don't even wanna stop typing :) haha! But I must - lots to get done today! Love, hugs & prayers to everyone here and have a wonderful sober Thursday!

  13. Hi Annette,

    You must have missed my name in your excitement about Ireland! Its Michelle. Yes, Ireland is beautiful and also very rainy. The pubs here are so cosy and inviting because of our climate so lots of socializing is done drinking in pubs.Coming out as a non-drinker is difficult but slowly its changing as people are getting more health-conscious.

    I'm reluctant to go to meetings so therapy is a good option which I might try if I slip again. I've had lots of slips since March when reality began to dawn about my need to get sober.

    My story really is that I've always drank quite moderately but over the past few years I began to need a glass or two of wine most days. I enjoyed it but it also felt wrong for me. I knew I was becoming dependent on it and hiding it from the children was also a big sign.

    I'm thankful that I've woken up to this and I really hope that I will increase in my resolve not to drink ever again, day by day.

    Best wishes to everyone,


  14. Annette,

    No offense taken at all ... you did make me smile. I saw the humor in that myself as I typed it ... Mary from PA ... almost as anonymous as "Anonymous"


  15. I love what you have started, Annette! This is almost more addicting than the alcohol. :) Mary from PA, I too had to laugh at myself posting as "Kate" rather than "Kathy" (my real name) 'cuz you know, there are not too many "Kathy's" in the world! In reality, I think Annette mentioned in one of her posts that, "normal drinkers" do not visit sights like this. Even if curious, and looked once or twice, I think they'd be bored to tears, not able to relate at all and would think we're a bunch of kooks! So, even if all the people on my block read this, they wouldn't know it was me. Hope that makes sense.
    Everyone have a happy Saturday!
    Love to all,

  16. Country: Ireland
    Children:a lovely daughter.
    Issues:They change from time to time.
    Goals:To live happy joyous & free,accepting life on life's terms.
    Sobriety Date:September 30th 1994.

    I have a great life since I got on this wonderful 12 step program . Drink is but a symptom. The problem is usually me.

  17. Anonymous from Ireland

    I love the last part of your post!!

    Drink is but a symptom. The problem is usually me!!

    Isn't that the truth. You have some beautiful years in sobriety I am sure, thank you so much for sharing. People with long term sobriety give us all something to strive for and someone to really relate to as we move through our own sobriety.

    Is it hard to be sober in Ireland? I am Irish, but I was only in Dublin for a day on a layover and it was amazing how I was able to drink so early in the morning there. Is AA strong there or is there other programs?

    Have a great day everyone, maybe we should repost this whole post today, I love how everyone is sharing!!!!

  18. Thank you doggielover for your kind words. AA is very strong in Ireland it saved my life & thousands of others. I dont find it hard to stay sober, drinking was the hard part.

  19. I think I'll join in. I read this blog from time to time. I am Rose from Eastern PA.

    marital status: married, way too long
    kiddos: adult daughter, granddaughter in college
    canine kiddos: 2 sweathearts
    issues: alcohol, food
    goals: sobriety, balance
    sobriety date: not there yet

  20. Welcome Anon from Eastern PA - thanks for sharing! Wow, finding out there are now 3 people from Eastern PA that follow here - awesome opportunity for some face-to-face support & friendship ladies....I soooooo wish there was someone from Kansas or Missouri that followed - all the different forums & blogs I follow seem to have all kids of people from the east and west coasts and the south, but I haven't seen too much from the Midwest....oh well, never know - someone might join later :)

    Glad you shared some info with us Anon above and look forward to hearing more from you in the future (if you feel comfortable with it). Let us know if you give yourself a "nickname" to comment with so we'll know who you are :)

    Off to get ready for my boys' 1st day back to finishing up his last year in elementary school and one excited for his 1st day of High School....such exciting times that I am Grateful to God to be sober & present for!

    Hugs to everyone & Happy Hump Day!

  21. Oops! I keep overlooking the names - sorry Rose - welcome ;)

  22. State: WI

    Marital Status: Married almost 10 years!! Previously widowed.

    Kiddos: 2 boys, ages 8 & 22

    Issues: procrastination, selfishness,

    Goals: Continue with my "read thru the Bible in a year" Something I have never done, but have not missed a day yet!! Read more recovery materials, continue working with my sponsor, she is great, and stay on my food plan so I will be at goal weight by Christmas!! I work AA and OA. :)
    Sobriety Date and/or Status: December 28, 2010