Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Practicing what I Preach

Practicing what I preach has been on my mind a lot lately. I mostly have a simple solution for every problem that is presented to me. Pray, take a walk, stay in gratitude, read the book, go to a meeting, turn it over, hit you knees every morning, and every night. These are all solutions that I give to people on a daily basis. But do I take all of my own suggestions...nope. Why not? I'm not sure. Easier said that done maybe, laziness, free will...who know!?

I wouldn't ask anyone to do anything I wasn't willing to do myself. In fact people that do that annoy the crap out of me. I need to work on it before I become one of them. I need to make absolutely sure that I practice what I preach. Otherwise I have this funny feeling that I will start annoying myself:)


  1. Like your post, but REALLY feeling the need to vent - WTF Good Morning America....could you do a little more to promote mommy/children drinking playdates....it would seem to me that covering ANYTHING other than this would be a good idea...talk about enabling all the stay at home mommies that enjoy cocktails at playdates...for any of the women out there that were seriously considering taking action regarding their drinking - if they watched GMA this morning, they are now probably "re-justified" in their drinking. Features like this on a major morning show just piss me off - I'm a basket case to begin with today as I am feeling waaaayyyyy outta sorts - can't wait for my meeting tomorrow nite. I have to admit that I commented on the GMA website that at "my" mommy/child playdates, we limited ourselves too, but it was cocaine & not alcohol - what's the diff??? really???? no biggie, right???....everything in moderation is okay, right? ok - I'm going off the deep end now - thanks for letting me rant & rave - I'm exhausted and going to bed now....but getting on my knees first - I've got A TON to turn over tonite....I do not want to have another day like today - no drinking, but a lot of alcoholic behaviors crept back in and it was a miserable day - and I think I'll just skip the news and national morning programs tomorrow :)

  2. See-even more reason that you should be my agent. I miss all that tv shit and I'm supposed to be commenting on all that kind of stuff.

    I miss you already! xo, em

  3. I miss you too...if we lived close to one another, I honestly think we'd be inseparable...my hubby thinks so too - he said, "you two just instantly clicked" - I agree :) Got a good nite's sleep and am feeling MUCH more normal this morning - I was in a flippin whirl-wind yesterday - couldn't make a decision to save my life, living in a big old "poor Annette pity party", and basically pissed off at the world....I prayed last nite with my youngest b4 bed and continued my prayer after our normal nightly prayer - turned over that massive pity party with all it's alcoholic tendencies and awake today with my sanity back in tack....yeah!!!! Couldn't have too many of those days - they suck! Happy Annette is back today.

    Speaking of tv shit - I also watched "What's wrong with Aunt Diane" yesterday on HBO - tell that chick (your producer or whatever) that's out trying to sell the documentary that she should hit up HBO hard & heavy right now - they are airing the Diane Schuler documentary tons and specifically every Monday during August. It would be a great addition to the "other side" - showing that alcoholism DOES exist and that we can hide it extremely well and that the public stigma of it can lead to sometimes fatal consequences (like the one in the documentary)- I was pissed off about the Schuler documentary yesterday too - even did extensive research to try to contact her husband via email - to explain to him that he is making an utter ass of himself, but in a soft, gentle way, of course - our loved ones suffer so much to begin with, but someone has got to get thru to him - he is hell bent that she wasn't even a drinker - my thought is that his wife Diane, must have been to the point that I was - damn good at drinking a ton & hiding it well - ok, can't get started on the Schuler case again - will slide me right back into my funk of yesterday and I'M NOT going back there today - it's a waste of time & energy :)

    Hope everyone has a terrific day and you (hopefully) won't see me on here ranting & raving like a lunatic today :)

    Peace out!

  4. When I don't do what I should be doing its because of self will & I get so caught up in me [again]that its like when the abnormal becomes normal because I go in to the old stuff & sometimes it feels comfortable. Its about learning about me & why I do the things I do the journey inward teaches me about me but I have to bring my Higher Power with me. Its ok to be me I will be a work in progress right up to the day I die.