Monday, August 29, 2011


I am. And it sucks. Yesterday I decided the new guy wasn't really into me (for absolutely no reason), I felt needy and cranky and off balance all day.

I was thinking that pms must be hard on guys also (don't get me wrong it is WAY harder on us) but still all of a sudden their perfectly sane and sweet wife or girlfriend or daughter get all Sally sensitive on them, crying at the drop of a hat, and flying off the deep end for absolutely no reason. My advice to men... be sweet, really flipping sweet, and don't try to figure us out, that's nearly impossible...Women-can't live with them-can't live without them.


  1. I hate to break this to you, but PMS is nothing compared to menopause. And that lasts every day for years before your body adjusts. Ug. I've read that some alcohol rehab centers have found that women who are pre-menopause become alcoholics at that time because of the change in their brain chemistry, and they self-medicate with alcohol to try to compensate. Very common, per what I've read, for women to go from 1 - 2 glasses of wine in the evening to a bottle or more when they hit pre-menopause. Describes me to a T.

  2. Hormones are powerful!! I think cultures where the women go off in tents alone during that time if the month have the right idea. LOL. But for me it would have to be the week before for sure. I've read some similar thing about women in their pre menopause phase of life too with regards to self medication with alcohol. Hang in there.

  3. I like what anonymous @8:00pm said, LOL. Order me a tent NOW!!

    Emily, I hear you on the emotional stuff. You know at one point I had talked with the doctor on that, they gave me an anti-depressant to take (I think, can't remember) 1 week before my period until it came. It did take the edge of, but it made me even more sleepy then without so I went off. I watch my cycle and I give myself a break a few days before my period if I can. when I get it I am like someone opened a window and let the sunshine in, it's crazy how emotional I get. So be aware of your body, be kind if you can, and get lots of sleep. I am reading a book and the funny thing is they had a section on PMS and they had supplements to take and foods to avoid. I'll try to copy and paste it to you. I am on The 17 Day Diet, interesting, well see. But that is where I saw the info. I am down 4pds since Friday though, so I'm into it. I made it through hurricane Irene without a drink, or chocolate!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  4. Women become slaves to their hormones from their first menstrual cycle all the way through menopause. For me, the ovaries were the culprit of all the emotional chaos of my monthly cycle. There were days that I would become a completely different person whom no one including myself would recognize. A totally irrational, unpredictable being. Not a pretty picture. At the time there was no treatment for PMS and I began to self medicate with anything that would keep me from becoming a homicidal maniac. Usually it was alcohol and or tranquilizers Having had a total hysterectomy out of necessity at the age of 42 was a blessing in disguise. I would never advocate that to anyone unless totally necessary, but for me it put an end to the crazies that came each month.