Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ones we Love

This morning as I was feeding the ball players at work, I started thinking that I wished I treated the people I love the most as well as I treated the players, and everyone else for that matter. I am sweet, and kind, and supportive. I totally spoil them. I understand that they are young and far away from home.

But at home with my boys, the ones I truly love, I am shitty. I yell and nag and behave in a manner I never would to other people. I would never yell, or belittle a friend, or someone at work or in a meeting.

So I guess I have to ask myself "Why is it that I treat the people I love the most the worst?"

If love and tolerance is our code shouldn't that start at home?


  1. Oh, my, gosh. I stand totally convicted! The way I speak to my son sometimes is just down right mean. Before I read your post just now, I used to not feel so bad if he was talking nasty to me and I responded in same way. But, you are soooo right! Just last week I posted that we should be kind to all and especially someone who is not kind to us. That they need that kindness the most. I hate being a hypocrite! But, I am. I need to go hug my son. He'll think I've totally lost it but, that's ok. He needs to know I love him, forever!!! Thanks Emily! Kathy

  2. Hi Emily,
    I forgot to ask, what ballplayers? Chicago Cubbies? And are you feeding them at the coffee shop where you work? Has nothing to do with sobriety, just really curious as to what all my friends do at work. :)
    p.s. I'm a nanny :)

  3. Yes, I feed the rookie Cub players. They are so sweet. And I feed them at there stadium. I don't work at the coffee shop anymore. Loved it, but not enough money. Your a nanny? How cool! I was a pre-school teacher for a long time...loved it! Em

  4. One of my "major" character defects that I am working on :) For some reason, I do my best to treat my husband, friends, other family members as I would have them treat me (I have my times when this is not true, but for the most part)....but for some reason, I have a hard time following thru with this thought-process with my sons...I even had a nationally renowned child psychologist tell me this many years ago - how would you feel/respond/react to someone that was screaming/yelling/attacking you? Well then, why do you find it hard to believe that your son is responding to you in this/that/the other way? It's so true - I was constantly saying he had behavior issues when in reality, it was probably more possible that "I" had yelling/screaming mommy problems....try to keep all that in my head and remember it often - but still to this day have those days where I can't stop myself from yelling :( I'm a work in progress, what can I say?