Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Date

The date went well. We went to a movie then sat outside and talked, it was lovely.

He's a normie...very respectful of my sobriety, but still a normie. I wonder if when my crazy comes he'll be able to handle it. But I guess the truth is if I'm working a strong enough program he shouldn't have to see my crazy at all. We'll see. I am surprised how well I'm doing. I haven't freaked out, run away, or sabotaged it yet. Progress!

1 comment:

  1. Great to hear it went well...and I'm proud of you for not running - YET! Ha!...that "yet" thing is now stamped in my brain and I say it almost all the time - gotta stop that :) What movie did y'all see? Stay strong and keep the crazy away - just remember this every day! I'm a poet again - haha! And there are "Normies" out there who believe it or not, can adapt to situations, people, places & things and deal with same with patience - I know they are scarce, but they ARE out there - I have one that I love very much and maybe this one will be "just" what you're looking for :) Sooooo happy for you girl! When's the next date?