Saturday, August 20, 2011

Insecure Emily

So I'm going on a date tomorrow. And all of a sudden I started getting all insecure about it. I don't know why... probably because he had a job, and a car, and all in all, I just don't think I'm worthy of a guy who has his shit together. I know, I know...that's bull. I am worthy. I am!

My friend Bob set me straight when I told him how I was feeling. He said, "I admire you for what you're doing". You took a crappy situation and are doing everything you can to make it better. You are making something of yourself and while doing so helping others. Thanks Bob.

So because of Bob I am going to go on my date tomorrow instead of making up some bull crap excuse about why I can't.

Go dating! Super fun! lol


  1. You are one of "the most" worthy people I know! I've always known how special you are, but after meeting you in person & spending time with you - you are amazing - get your head ready to inflate cuz I'm gonna brag on ya a minute - you are so funny, conversational, inciteful, tell it like it is (which I love about you), beautiful, caring, thoughtful, loving, wonderful mother, so fun to be around, have a beautiful smile and a cute laugh - you brighten any room you walk into. Go on this date tomorrow standing tall, chin up, lookin hot and have a great time - laugh that awesome laugh of yours and just be yourself - if he doesn't see the wonderful person that you are, just means you'll get to go on more dates and meet more new guys :) That's not a bad thing either - heehee!

    Believe in yourself! Have a blast and can't wait to hear all about it - good or bad - it'll be another memory made in your life :)

    Love ya Sweets!

  2. Emily,

    You don't know how many people you have helped and are helping. I am one of them, even though I don't post much now (but I do read fairly regularly). I'm working with two people I met on your blog, and while I'm not where I want to be yet, I'm doing MUCH better than I ever would have been doing had I not read your story in People magazine.

    You are very worthy. And you are loved by people, like me, who you have never met.


  3. Insecure Emily!!! What??? that should be a name of a garbage pail kid (do you remember those?) If you say it, you think it, and you shouldn't think something so negative!! Your a wonderful, person with a beautiful spirit!! You have such a peaceful and kind way of communicating and sharing with others. I am sure that is what your date is attracted to. Thank God he has a job, who wants to have to carry a man, LOL!! PLEASE look in the mirror and see what we see, have a wonderful time and just enjoy. If it isn't so great we have lots to giggle about then. Maybe sometime we should all post about a really bad date we were on, sober or not, LOL!!

    Enjoy and I can't wait to hear how much fun you had!!

    Hope everyone is doing well!!