Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Better Place

I am in such a better place than I have been. When I relax and take a deep breath I think to myself "I am happy" It was very hard to go so long without being happy when you know what happy feels like.

I am happy, I am content, it is nice.

I would love to ride it out and be content with just being content. But that isn't how it works, there is still more work to be done. I am taking a 2 month relationship course. I need to clean up and close up the problems I have in relationships that still keep surfacing. And then I fully expect to meet the love of my life:)

I will be blogging my way through that course. Should be fun!


  1. I love you, your strength and your ability to NEVER give up! You are such an inspiration to me :) Can't wait to hear all about this relationship course!

  2. Just wanted to share something that is putting me in a "better place" too....exercising - even if just a little bit each day. I started walking yesterday morning, did it again this morning, and plan to do it every morning going forward. It's amazing how much better I feel afterwards and it also gives me time to think about anything & everything w/out interruptions, i.e. phone, email, tv, etc. I'm feeling very happy, strong, grateful and happy - and I attribute a lot of it to getting some exercise back into my daily routine :)

    Don't knock it till ya try it ;) Hope everyone is havin a super sober Friday mornin!

    Hugs to all of you out there!

  3. I exercise 5-7 days a week, sometimes two hours a day and it definitely helps even when I'm drinking.

    I'm looking forward to how much easier an aerobics class will be tomorrow morning when I haven't been up until midnight drinking wine.


  4. Mary, good for you, hope your getting back to those meetings. I need to get back on my routine. It will be nice to be settled so I can find me again!!!